Viviendo al máximo 2009

Emily Marshall wanted to be a singer-songwriter, but instead of following her dream, she wants to settle and gets married. Emily and her husband have two children and she teaches music at a...

All Titles
  • US: Living Out Loud Living Out Loud
  • BR: Voltando a Sonhar Voltando a Sonhar
  • BG: На пълни обороти На пълни обороти
  • FR: D'une vie à l'autre D'une vie à l'autre
  • DE: Wake Up! - Lebe deinen Traum Wake Up! - Lebe deinen Traum
  • HU: Győzzön az élet! Győzzön az élet!
  • IT: Vivere fino alla fine Vivere fino alla fine
  • ES: Siente la vida Siente la vida
Directed by Anne Wheeler
Artists Babs Chula
as Connie
Tom McBeath
as Ultrasound Technician
Kelly-Ruth Mercier
as Minister
Release date 02 May 2009
Genre Drama
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