Tormenta arrolladora 1977

A returning war veteran loses his family to a violent home invasion and decides to seek and retaliate against those responsible.

All Titles
  • US: Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder
  • BR: A Outra Face da Violência A Outra Face da Violência
  • BG: Несдържан гняв Несдържан гняв
  • CO: Tormenta arrolladora Tormenta arrolladora
  • FI: Tuomiopäivä Tuomiopäivä
  • FI: Tappava salama Tappava salama
  • FR: Légitime violence Légitime violence
  • DE: Der Mann mit der Stahlkralle Der Mann mit der Stahlkralle
  • GR: Ktypouse san keravnos Ktypouse san keravnos
  • GR: Skotono san keravnos Skotono san keravnos
  • HU: Mennydörgés Mennydörgés
  • HU: Rolling Thunder - Gördülõ mennydörgés Rolling Thunder - Gördülõ mennydörgés
  • NL: Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder
  • PL: Kulisty piorun Kulisty piorun
  • PT: O Executor Implacável O Executor Implacável
  • RS: Oslobodjeni gnev Oslobodjeni gnev
  • US: Гремящий гром Гремящий гром
  • ES: El ex-preso de Corea El ex-preso de Corea
  • TR: Kanca-Ölümdende beter Kanca-Ölümdende beter
  • US: Der Mann mit der Stahlkralle Der Mann mit der Stahlkralle
Directed by John Flynn
Artists Tommy Lee Jones
as Johnny Vohden
Dabney Coleman
as Maxwell
William Devane
as Major Charles Rane
Release date 30 May 1980
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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