Gritos en el silencio 2012

A young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, cooperates with her captors in a desperate ploy to survive.

All Titles
  • US: Eden Eden
  • CA: L'Enlèvement d'Éden L'Enlèvement d'Éden
  • CL: Gritos en el silencio Gritos en el silencio
  • GR: Edem Edem
  • IT: Urla silenziose Urla silenziose
  • IT: Urla silenziose Urla silenziose
  • RU: Эден Эден
  • US: Abduction of Eden Abduction of Eden
Directed by Megan Griffiths show all movies of Megan Griffiths
Artists Beau Bridges
as Bob Gault
Tantoo Cardinal
as The Nurse
Cecil Cheeka
as Mr. Alawa
Release date 19 Jul 2013
Genre Crime Drama
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